Key attractions
local to your centre

Optional excursions

In addition to our basic programme,
we offer students the chance to choose optional
excursions at an extra charge.

Optional excursions vary at each centre and
each week throughout the stay.
They may also be dependent 
on booking numbers.
You will find details 
and costs in each centre.

Madame Tussauds

Don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with your favourite celebrities by visiting one of the most popular tourist attractions in London; Madame Tussauds.
This Wax Museum features life like figures of famous people such as celebrities, world leaders, the British Royal Family, sport stars as well as other historical and cultural characters.

London Eye

Built in 2000 to celebrate the millennium, the London Eye is the world’s second biggest Ferris wheel. It dominates the London’s skyline while offering breath-taking views of the city. Enjoy seeing London from the sky and take this magical and iconic journey in a capsule of glass above this world famous city.

Cruise on the Thames

A cruise along The River Thames is a must for study holidays in London. Take this trip and enjoy a unique chance to sail under the famous bridges and admire the city skyline from a different perspective.