Frequently Asked Questions

One of the student needs a special diet. Is it possible for the centres to cater for different diets?

Yes, in all our centres we can cater for different dietary requirements, as long as we are told in advance at the time of booking.

Key and damage deposits?

As keys and security cards are expensive to replace – most of our summer school centres take a key and damage deposit. These are taken at arrival when the student is registered at the centre. Providing all keys and security cards are returned and the student makes no damage whilst staying at the summer school – the full amount will be refunded when the student leaves the centre.

> In the UK: At most UK summer school centres a £50 refundable damage deposit is taken when every student arrives at the centre.

> In the USA: At all US summer schools the combined key and damage deposit is $100

Can a student share a room with a friend?

Yes, this can be arranged once the group arrives at the college as long as the students are of the same sex and the college has twin or multibedded rooms available.

Is there a place Group leaders and students can keep their valuables safe at the college?

Yes, there is a safe where pocket money, passports and all other valuables can be kept for you during your stay.

What if a student finds the English lessons difficult, can he change his learning level?

Yes, he can. Their teacher will monitor their progress carefully and can move them to a different learning level at any time that is right for them.

Is there internet access at the school?

Yes, normally it is available, sometimes at an extra cost.

What happens if a student breaks the rules?

The rules of behaviour are outlined in the Student Handbook and Group Leader Manual.
Behaviour which is not permitted includes:

> Smoking anywhere is forbidden
> Bullying. We welcome students from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. Any student found discriminating on the basis of nationality, sex, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability or age may be asked to leave the school.
> Graffiti and damage to the site
> Disregard of the curfew
> Misuse of fire equipment

If you do not follow the rules, we reserve the right to discipline you. The punishment will depend on the seriousness of your bad behaviour; here are some punishments that we may use:

> Lose free time
> Not give you a certificate
> Contact your parents
> Ask you or your parents to pay damage or to cover costs
> Send you home
> Contact the police

Should you need any other information, pls. ask us.

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