Free time
and social activities

Social and
sport activities

Social Activities and Sports
provided by us consist of:

The Activities

· During your stay with us you will have
an opportunity to take part in many
different activities such as: quizzes,
treasure hunts, karaoke, performance,
dance, arts & crafts, music, drama,
musical extravaganzas, talent and fashion
shows and international food nights.

· These are just a few, a more detailed list
will be available to you on your
Activity Noticeboard at your Centre of choice.

The Sports

· A range of sports, are available
including outdoor games, football,
swimming, basketball and badminton.

· A list of sports can be found in your
selected programme and on the
Activity Noticeboard at your centre of choice.

Our Staff

· All activities are led by Go Languages
staff so you will have opportunities to
improve your language skills by communicating
with them in a safe and secure environment.

· Go Languages WorldWide staff are
always there to engage students
in exciting activities.


Life as a student

It is our aim for students to remember their time at a Go Languages centre with happiness.
Learning, fun and safety are the fundamental principles of our courses.


Wake up!!! A wonderful day is just about to begin!


Breakfast in good company is just what you need to start your day!


Lessons start! Games, group activities, music, and your mother tongue teacher are waiting for you!


A short refreshment break before class restarts!


The most important part of the day- lunch!


Get ready to explore and discover new & exciting places!


London, Reading, New York and other cities at your fingertips or alternatively sports, games, activities and much more!


A rich and international dinner before jumping into a fantastic and fun evening!


Fancy dress parties, karaoke and, discos and quiz nights are just some of the things you can look forward to.


Back to sleep whilst you await a new day!