Our staff

Our Team on site

Staff must meet specific requirements in order to qualify as part of the Go Languages team.

It is our desire that all members of the Go Languages family contribute to your memorable experience.

All our teachers go through a thorough recruitment process including at least one interview session, an induction and training and Police checks to assess suitability to work with children.

It is their priority is to motivate and encourage students to practise the language, try new challenges and have the best possible time.

Group Leaders

Students are always accompanied by a Group Leader in a ratio of 1:15, so students have personal attention. The Group Leader is responsible for the students they bring, so he/she never leaves them alone during day or night activities. The Group Leader is with students during social activities, during excursions and trips, is accommodated in the college in the same building/corridor as their students, checks that all students are in their rooms at the lights out time in the evening, waits for them during lesson breaks to check every student has attended classes and so on. They provide 24 hour assistance and assure adherence from students to all college, university, and hotel rules.


Teachers assist with placement tests, ensure adequate preparation for levels and maintain proper levels of students discipline, safety and welfare. Teaching staff are constantly supported by a Director of Studies in each centre who is responsible for the successful delivery of all aspects of the summer school academic programme, for managing the day to day academic aspects, including testing, class allocation, progress, class/course changes, academic counselling.


The Centre Director ensures the smooth operation of the centre; guarantees the overall success of the programme, assures that proper levels of student safety, welfare and discipline are maintained; liases with the college/school, customers and suppliers in order to ensure a high level of customer service and student satisfaction. The Centre Director is supported by the Activity Manager who is responsible for all aspects of a summer camp’s leisure programme, operations and outcomes for the on-site social/ sport activities and the off-site excursions and visits included in the programme. The Centre Director is also supported by the Director of Studies who is responsible for the delivery of the Academic Programme including the English Language tuition for all students.

Activity Leaders

Activity Leaders play a vital role in encouraging and motivating students to take part in all events. They are responsible for promoting, organising and running all activities both on and off campus. Activity Leaders are expected to interact with students at all times in order to help them to practise their English by socialising and having an educational, culturally-enriching and memorable summer experience in a safe and supervised environment.

The Supervisory Team

The Supervisory Team are responsible for the quality control of services provided in all centres. They inspect the centers, supervise staff and assist participants and leaders in solving any possible issues. The presence of a supervisor is guranteed in all centres with a minimum of 100 students, in all other locations the supervisor will intervene within 24 hours. Supervisors will contribute to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Medical Assistance

Go Languages WorldWide is committed to the welfare and safeguarding of children and young people and provides special medical care with the presence of a doctor on site who will take care of the participants and provide any first aid and if necessary prescribe medical treatments. The presence of the medical doctor is guaranteed in all centres with a minimum of 100 students, in all other locations the doctor will intervene within 24 hours. Any student that takes any prescribed medication must inform the school and bring it along with them.

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