Student Care UK

Go Languages WorldWide are committed to the welfare and safeguarding of children and young people. All students should expect to feel safe within all areas of the summer programme.
The primary concern at all times must be the interests and safety of each student and the organisation takes all reasonable steps to protect children from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and to uphold their rights in order to create and maintain a safe and suitable summer school environment.

What we provide
•A Welfare Manager who is specifically responsible for the pastoral care of each student, is based in an allocated office and is always pleased to help you.
•A medical doctor on site.
•Links with local hospitals and other emergency services.
•Students have constant access to a responsible member of staff at all times day or night with our 24hr emergency contact number.
•Students are issued with an ID card.
•Key members of staff receive specialist child protection training.
•Staff receive official background checks, including Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) to confirm their suitability in working with children or police checks and references.

Arrival in the STUDENTWELFAREcountry
•Students & Groups are met on arrival at the airport if they have requested this.
•All students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
•Residential accommodation is full board and all students will be provided a hot or packed meal upon arrival.

During your stay
•Students must wear an ID card especially when out on an excursion as it has emergency contact details.
•Students under 18 are not permitted to leave the centre unaccompanied at any time.
•All students under the age of 18 should be aware that it is compulsory to attend all lessons and activities.
•Classrooms and other areas of the school accessible to students are supervised at all times.
•Staff are easily accessible and can be found throughout the day.
•Night patrol staff supervise the centre site and accommodation during the night.

Insurance for travel and medical
•It is essential that all students travelling abroad must have adequate Travel Insurance in case of medical or other emergency.

Medical conditions
•Students must inform us in advance about any prescribed medication in order to provide proper care.
•Special medical care with the presence of a doctor who provides any first aid and, if necessary, prescribes medical treatments.
•Students who have special dietary requirements must notify in advance.

Our Policies
Prevent Policy
Go Languages Worldwide understands its responsibilities under the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 to reduce the likelihood of people of all ages being radicalised or drawn into terrorism and seeks to meet its obligations in the ways shown below. Everyone- management, staff, sub-contractors and students- must be involved in this effort. Ways we do this are:
-Having a Prevent Lead who is trained to deal with any concerns. The Prevent Lead at Go Languages Worldwide is Tania Marques.
-Giving training to staff, both online and face-to-face on the key areas of prevent. This is aimed at raising awareness, what signs to look out for in students and staff, explaining terminology, identifying who to contact in the event of concern, and also what to do.
-Making sure sub-contractors are aware of Prevent and what is expected of them.
-Having filters on computers to stop students/staff looking up extreme websites.
-Exemplifying core British values through documents given to students, notices around school, via stand-alone classes on British culture & traditions on arrival and via the Go Languages syllabus. Our approach is to educate that this is how things are in UK, which may be different to the student’s own country.
For further information please download the Go Languages Worldwide Prevent Policy.

Safeguarding Policy
For detailed information on how we protect our students, please download our safeguarding policy.

On Departure
•Students & Groups are taken to the airport if they have requested this.
•We collect feedback from Students and Group Leaders about their time with us.